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Motorola Moto G 2015 unboxing: unpacking the new middle class-Primus

Le 3 August 2015, 15:41 dans Humeurs 0

Just Motorola the Moto G presented by 2015, with us it gets her already in an unboxing Gallery to see! At least, what there can be seen, because visually the difference to the model from last year is not excessive. There's - look inside!

On the technique of the Moto G 2015 we solved already you in our message a few hours ago, الهاتف النقال here's to turn more to values that are not found in a data sheet. What is immediately striking: the shape is beautiful again rounded on the back and pleasantly bulge--so that the Smartphone well in hand clings. Our standard model with black ribbed back plastic touch is also pleasant, because through the corrugated surface, the model provides much grip and the material used is sufficiently soft. That seems to lead to small problems but at the fitting accuracy, because our test model not everywhere very flush, so uneven gaps arise - ugly for a comparatively cheap Smartphone!

There are such dropouts luckily when not operating, which runs Moto G by 2015 with its middle-class processor such as a Topsmartphone. Because we have as a test model for the version with 8 GB internal memory and therefore 1 GB RAM we can give so ever all-clear at this point - the bigger version is still certainly better, but not necessary! A native-language translator would have been, however, absolutely necessary, would have convinced of the correctness of the presented texts prior to launch. Because what illuminates us first is the indication to check the rear cover and make sure that "it" is seated correctly. Well, that we had better, after all, is as just one of the new features brought closer the buyer, that distinguishes the Moto G of the latest version of its predecessor: the water resistance after IP7 certification.

Learn more you in the test of Moto to read G 2015, which in the next days we will be. Do you have these questions, on which we especially should take exactly?

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Huawei honor 7: Official launch video gel nude

Le 10 July 2015, 00:08 dans Humeurs 0

Huawei has succeeded in fact until shortly before the official premiere to conceal a large part of the information about the new smartphone honor 7 - and now comes the leak flood the Chinese manufacturer. After already a Hands-On video was released shortly before the performance, now even the official launch video on the net has come.

Although the new glossy video with stylish effects not all answered unanswered questions, yet be confirmed at least some things and more precisely shown, adopted only on the basis of unofficial information. So HUAWEI Honor 6 Plus, for example, the construction of the camera reveals the launch video for the Huawei honor 7 and confirms also the use of an optical image stabilizer.

Huawei Honor 7

Metal housing and fingerprint sensor

The official video clip, which should be presented probably right at the beginning of the idea of Huawei's new honor 7, also in detail shows the structure of the fingerprint sensor. This is centered and housed below the camera on the back. With well-known graphic effects, the manufacturer also illustrates that the Huawei honor 7 durable metal cabinet is.

As regards the presentation itself, so the video clip to the honor represents 7 rather no peculiarity. The use of 3D-Grafikeffekten to the virtual splitting of smartphones in its individual parts is now somewhat frumpy, even if this meets and clearly makes its purpose, of course, still, which features into the honor of 7.

Whether there will be yet another device without metal sheath and fingerprint sensor next to the model presented in the clip, the presumably last leak does not reveal, by the way also. We also know nothing about the pricing, so the idea of honor 7 is still the one or other surprises could have to offer.

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IPhone Holds 12.3% Market Share of China in the First Quarter

Le 19 June 2015, 01:11 dans Humeurs 0

Strategy Analytics recently releases data report to say that Mi holds most of the phone market share of China in the first quarter, while iPhone gets the second place, holding 12.3% market share, increased greatly from last year.




According to the data, in the first quarter of 2015, Mi has sold 14 million phones in China, accounting 12.8% market share, while Apple has sold out 13.5 million iPhones, accounting 12.3% market share. Their distance has been reduced.

Apple iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus did a great contribution to increasing the company's market share. Both of the phones are popular in China market.

While in international market, Apple has sold 61.2 million iPhones in total, accounting 18% market share. Although the number of sold phones has fallen, Samsung still gets the top in the global market in the quarter, with its market share accounted 24%.

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